In the discussions that animate the field of contemporary art, the need for an objective definition of the work of art seems primordial. The subjectivity of different actors in the artistic sphere, however, continues to retain its full legitimacy, as much at the level of artists as that of collectors and even curators.

The independent spirit that has characterized the gallery since its creation represents a mode of thinking that breaks with convention: defending artist with radically distinct practices, aiming to reflect the heterogeneity of the contemporary artistic climate, and proudly programming subjectively and intuitively.

In doing this, we adhere to an idea of multiplicité, inspired by the Alain Badiou’s formulation – evoking Deleuze -, according to which “every veritable thought is a singular thought.”  With its hangings closely informed by curatorial projects, TORRI hopes to renew the public’s view on singular practices, and suggest significant and sometimes never before seen relationships.

Today, the gallery is developing like an ecosystem whose vitality depends on bringing together traditionally distinct fields (design, architecture, contemporary art). The particularity of this posture likens it to a prospective process, turned towards young artists affirming singular positions vis à vis another ecosystem: that of contemporary art.